DGK 2023 Camper Questionnaire
Warm greetings!! 

Here are some important notes to read before you proceed with the questions:  

Deaf Granny’s Kitchen (DGK) is a theme camp centered around an interactive satirical-educational performance art project.  It is a vintage kitchen, circa 1955, featuring lovable Deaf Granny, her many teachable moments, and some of her sidekicks, the Milkman, Pussy, Pizza Delivery Guy, and more!  This project is our gift to the community.  (Gifting is one of Burning Man's 10 Principles.)  We have a web site that explains this art project (www.deafgrannyskitchen.org).  We are also hosting several big day parties during the week with DJs playing killer music on a big sound system and a few cocktails being served.  

Here is what you can expect when camping with Deaf Granny's Kitchen:

- 10x10 shaded area for your tent or an open space for your RV or hexayurt
- a communal kitchen with a propane stove, prep tables, cookware, and washing station
- a communal dining area
- 2.5 gallons of water per day for drinking / cooking / cleaning (approx amount -- plenty of water for everyone)
- parking for a personal vehicle
- power for phone charging
- communal dinner at sundown from August 27 (Gate opens) to September 2 (Man burn)
- various snacks throughout the week
- opportunities to participate in making the camp function smoothly
- enculturation for new Burners and good vibes for all

The camp fee is a minimum of $300 and is due right away.  If you can afford to pay more than $300, it would be a massive help, and deeply appreciated!  This helps cover equipment, supplies, the nightly dinners, water, as well as the transportation and storage of camp equipment.  Everyone pays the camp fee and you are welcome to donate any additional amount.  

Our preferred payment method is Zelle.  Use this email address:


Be sure to double-check the address as you enter it.  If you have a problem using Zelle, contact us.  We do have other payment methods, but Zelle is easiest as it goes directly to Deaf Granny's account.  

Please don't pay the camp fee until we confirm with you that you are camping with us. 

NOTE:  Your camp fee will be refunded if and only if you exhaust every avenue and fail to obtain a ticket to Burning Man.  This means you must participate in the Main Sale, the OMG Sale, network, etc.  If you do all this and still do not get a ticket, then your camp fee will be refunded on August 11th.  This is necessary because we begin spending camp fees for deposits/reservations and important camp purchases in February.  

That said, we will work together to make sure everyone camping with us gets a ticket!  We got everyone tickets one way or another last year!  So plan on going, even if you don't score a ticket right away!

Everyone camping with DGK has a role of some kind.  Whether you're working a couple dinner shifts, working on the build team pre-event, playing Deaf Granny or one of her sidekicks, or taking on one of the many important support roles, we all have a hand in the successful operation of the camp.  That said, the work is spread out so it's not too much.  Everyone has plenty of time to get out and burn!

We aim to keep DGK comfortable, safe, homey, interactive project-oriented, and intimate, yet welcoming to all.  Radical Inclusion is yet another of Burning Man's 10 Principles.  We take responsibility for ourselves and assist communally where we can, doing both unquestioningly and with good cheer.  

We'll want to chat first, so we'll be getting in touch after you submit this form.  

Please email us at deafgrannyskitchen@gmail.com if you have any questions.  

Looking forward to talking to you!

Big, dusty, and tight hugs,
Tex and Seven 
Camp Leads

Deaf Granny's Kitchen is a project of Deaf Granny Arts, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity
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If your Burner Profile email is different, what is it?  Note if you do not have a Burner Profile, you need to create one at http://profiles.burningman.org 
Do you want to bring a new person with you?  If so, who?  Please have them contact us ASAP.
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All Campers are expected to bring their own shelter- we provide shade for campers with tents in 10' x 10' sections. Maximum height for tents under the shade is 8 feet.  What are your plans for shelter?  We have unshaded space for RVs, vans, yurts, trailers, and anything larger than will fit in a 10x10 space under the shade.   *
At Burning Man, everyone is a participant -- no spectators! One of Burning Man's 10 Principles is "Communal Effort" and that's critical for a camp like ours. Everyone needs to take on a role within the camp. This helps make us an efficient and fun camp -- everyone pitches in so we can ensure everyone has the best Burn experience possible.    

Let us know what interests you.  Check all that apply:
Burning Man opens 12:01 AM Sunday August 27th. We want campers to come for the entire Burning Man week, arriving no later than Monday the 28th. When do you plan to arrive at the camp? *
Note that everyone must participate in camp strike on Sunday, September 3 beginning at Noon.  Camp strike is important.  Burning Man is the largest Leave-No-Trace event in the world and its continuance relies on all of us cleaning up and restoring the playa to its proper condition.  (Leaving No Trace is another of Burning Man's 10 Principles)  Strike involves complete tear-down of all art project items and camp communal structures, MOOP sweeps, raking and restoration of the playa, and bagging & disposal of trash and recycling.  We will inventory and pack all camp equipment and label all boxes / crates so it is ready for next year.  All vehicles will be loaded and ready to go prior to the Temple Burn.  Having the strike begin at Noon should give you plenty of time to rest if you are out all night after the Man burns.  And we will be done in time to rest before the Temple Burn.  If you are staying until Monday, you can put up your tent again in a virgin spot after strike is complete.  Everyone must leave the camp site on Monday September 4 (Labor Day).  Are you committed to stay for camp strike/teardown from Noon on Sunday September 3 until approximately 7:00 PM?   *
Everything you bring in to Burning Man, you must bring out yourself.  The camp cannot accept "donations" of equipment you do not need.  Generosity is appreciated, but we simply do not have a place for it or people to handle it.  This is a "pack it in / pack it out" event.  Do you understand this and commit to taking out what you bring in? *
Everyone must take one trash bag out with them for proper disposal after leaving Black Rock City.  Do you commit to taking out one trash bag, per person in your vehicle?
What is your COVID-19 vaccination status?
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Meat with dinner? *
Chef & team will have dinner for the entire camp at sundown Monday through Sunday.  Three meals a day will be provided to the Build Team beginning Thursday of Build Week.
Please tell us anything more about yourself you would like to share.  If we haven't spoken to you yet, please let us know who referred you or who you know in the camp. *
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