Application for Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowship 2018-2019
STEP-1: Fill this form before Friday, 17th August 2018 (5pm Geneva time).

STEP-2: Submit a sample of your article/ podcast/ video feature in English, based upon the special Webinar to be hosted by CNS e-Learning Programme team on Friday, 24th August 2018 (1pm-2pm Geneva time). The link/ URL to register for this webinar will be sent to you after you submit this form.

Your sample content (article/ podcast/ video) based upon this Webinar and relevant interviews conducted by you locally with affected communities/ other experts should be submitted latest by, Friday, 31th August 2018 (5pm Geneva time).

For further information please contact:
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The World We Want...
We would like you to go through the following references, in relation to the vision of "the world we want, where no one is left behind":

which includes Health Justice, Gender Justice, Redistributive Justice, Economic Justice, Social Justice, Climate Justice, and Accountability to Peoples.
Read about this Development Justice framework here:

Sustainable development for all, where no one is left behind...
Learn more about UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by our governments here:
Is SDG-3 the most important of all 17 SDGs? Why? (in not more than 250 words) *
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Is it possible to achieve just any 1 of the 17 SDGs in your country's context? Why? (in not more than 250 words) *
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UN High Level Meetings (UNHLMs) at UN General Assembly
Heads of our governments will meet at 3 special sessions, called UN High Level Meetings (UNHLMs), at the UN General Assembly in September 2018 in New York. These 3 UNHLMs are on the following 3 issues: 1) UNHLM to #endTB, 2) UNHLM to #beatNCDs, and 3) UNHLM for a nuclear-free world.
If you were the head of your country, which of these 3 UNHLMs would you go to, and to which you would not? Why? (in not more than 250 words) *
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DISCLAIMER: Have you ever worked with any industry that has conflict of interest with our commitment for sustainable development for ALL (where no one is left behind), or its allies (directly or indirectly)? [Such problematic industries include: tobacco industry, alcohol industry, refined food and vegetable oil industry, oil and other energy companies that devastate environment, water privatisation companies, soda/ soft drink companies, weapons or arms companies, etc.] *
Recommendation/ Reference *
Please provide at least one reference with their contact details (name, designation, organization, email, phone number) and your relationship with the referee
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