Curation Request & Referral
Maps submitted for review are NOT guaranteed to be curated. Maps need to stand out from the crowd on top of being free of issues. Making a playable map is not a curation rubber stamp.

While we try to get eyes on each map that comes through the queue, we can't force people to play maps they're not interested in or can't evaluate due to difficulty limitations. Maps that have been in the new queue for 2 weeks or longer without being played will be moved to the open queue.Β 

There is a 7 day cooldown between requests before you are able to request a new map for curation. Requests will be marked with an ❌on the "Form" tab if they fail this check and will not be reviewed. This same logic applies to suggestions, but suggestions and requests do not affect each other.
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Request Type *
Curation requests are for your OWN works and are not guaranteed to be curated. Curated maps not only need to be free of objective issues but also need to hit the "fun factor" and "replayability" buttons for a member of our curation team.
Map Key *
Enter the unique key of your map (i.e., ff9, or 6666, or 1e86c) not the entire map link
Map Style *
Style tags are used for curators to find maps that fall within their preferred style. Additionally, curators who don't like that particular style, can skip the map and won't leave πŸ‘€.
Lighting Type *
Automatic lights include any lights generated by programs like lightmap, lolighter, etc. Manual lights were handmade. Mixed lights include automatic lights that were tweaked by the mapper in some way (adding Chroma, lighting certain parts manually, etc.)
Who checked your map before upload?
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