Voices for Prevention Town Hall Mini-Grant Application
Public and private non-profit entities, including parent groups, community action agencies and other community-based organizations, community coalitions, city/county/state governments, or any prevention focused groups or persons in Georgia that do not directly receive Drug Free Communities, Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Project grant funding are eligible to apply.

All applications must be typewritten and use only one side of the paper. Please consecutively number each page of the entire application. Submit one (1) original online and one (1) copy to Voices for Prevention, 3162 Johnson Ferry Rd., Ste. 260, #823, Marietta, GA 30062. Mini-grant applications are available on the Voices for Prevention website and Facebook page or by emailing brittney@ccapsa.org. Applications are due by July 2nd. Applicants will be notified of awards by July 16.

Applicants need to respond to each of the following questions within the page number guideline provided. Applicants failing to address all questions or exceeding the number of pages allowed will be dismissed from the review process. Applicants may contact the Voices for Prevention Steering Committee for assistance, if necessary.

Name *
First and last name
Email *
Phone number *
Description of the applicant/organization/coalition.
(1) Describe the background of the individual who will be organizing the town hall meeting (i.e. qualifying experience, motivation to address topic);

(2) Describe the composition of your group (How many members, member representation (i.e. PTA, Faith, Greek Organizations, Parents, Non-profits). If an individual, describe your purpose;

(3)Provide a list of your funding streams, including, the name of the funder and the amount received, as an annex (Upload a copy of the annex).
**Do you currently receive substance abuse prevention funding (i.e Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disease-Office of Behavioral Health and Prevention and/or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration- Prevention resources)?

Describe your organization/coalition. (Limit 1/2 Page). *
Please upload the annex of your funding streams here (in PDF format).
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