Temerity App
To hear back from us about your app please add: Nether#7494 on Discord.
1) Armory Link
2) Primary Spec/Offspec
3) Mythic bosses killed in current tier
4) Mythic bosses killed in current tier that you were in for your guild's first kill
5) Performance: Provide 2-3 WCL combat logs -- Feel free to include any commentary about what happened during that encounter to better context, or to highlight special mechanics / responsibilities that you may have handled.
6) Play History: List your previous guilds and the reasons why you have left/are leaving them.
7) Age?
8) Time Zone?
9) How did you hear about Temerity?
10) Tell us a bit about yourself. Your personality, interests outside of WoW, other games played, etc. Give some indication as to the person behind the character, as we'll potentially be spending a lot of time together!
11)Discord id
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