CST 2021 Reference Form
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What is the name of the applicant that you are providing a reference for?
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If applicable, please provide the name of your home parish and the city and state where it is located.
How long have you known the applicant and in what capacity?
No one candidate will excel in all areas listed below. Please candidly evaluate the applicant based on your observed knowledge using the following scale definitions. In your opinion, the applicant:
Completely agree
Somewhat agree
Completely disagree
No basis for rating
Can be depended on to follow through with responsibilities
Seems more mature than peers
Is considered to be a motivated person
Is perceptive to situations going on in his/her surroundings
Shows initiative in taking responsibility
Shows leadership capacities
Demonstrates good problem solving
Would be easily entrusted with the care of my own children
Works as a team member
Would probably respond well in a crisis
Should not be entrusted with children
Has difficulty taking direction from those in authority
Is a source of inspiration to others
Gets along well with most people
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Are you the applicant's clergy reference?
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