Suppliers Survey
Hello Suppliers!

If you are a trader, wholesaler, and distributor, this survey is for you.

As we craft our policies and guidelines, our main goal is to help you find resellers or new distributors online.

With many Filipinos finding ways to make money online, we aim to help them find legit suppliers where they can find products to resell in their communities.

As of the moment, the following categories will be available:

1. Essentials
- Medical Suppliers (This is a very competitive market. We will only accept 5 suppliers per product category)
- Groceries (only packaged goods that are easy to resell)
- Frozen food
- Food supplements (only direct pharma companies / distributors with FDA approval)

2. Non-essentials
- Home Essentials
- Gadget accessories
- Toys (babies and kids stuff)
- School / office supplies
- Other novelty items

If your category is not above, you can still sign up.

Note: Please ensure you SUBMIT the completed survey to be counted. We appreciate if you can answer everything. Thank you!

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