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Thank you for your interest in the bootcamp. We’re Bec and Chris your coaches for the month. For us, writing productivity is all about finding the approaches, tactics and tools that work for you - in the busyness of your life. It’s our job as your bootcamp coaches to guide, support and help you to do just that.

Because of the personalised nature of the bootcamp, places are limited to just 20 writers. So, to get started, we’d love to hear more about you and your writing.

This form explains a bit more about the course, checks your availability and should only take a few minutes to complete. There’s also space for you to ask any questions and to book a call with us if you’d like to hear more before you commit.

Note: we ask for your email so you can be sent a copy of the form and so we can contact you about the course. In line with GDPR legislation, your email will not be added to any other email lists.

Happy writing! Bec and Chris, Prolifiko

PS: If you have any questions just email us on
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We’d love to hear why you’d like to join the bootcamp and why now is a good time.
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Do you have a current project to work on during the course (or several projects to choose from)?
If you'd like, tell us a bit about your current project. We love to hear what writers are working on - your answer won’t affect your place on the course - this question is completely optional!
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Before the course starts on Monday 20 April we will have a coaching call with you to we talk through your writing, your goals and ambitions, and also what barriers and blocks you face. This call will provide focus for the course and a goal to work towards. Can you make a call between now and Friday 18 April?
Please provide some possible dates and times between now and Friday 18 April where you can make a 25-minute call. We will get back to you to confirm.
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What time zone are you in?
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As part of the course, there's a focussed writing week from Monday 4 May. You do not need to take any time off, or change your schedule or commitments (it’s more realistic if you don’t) but we expect you to write during that week. At the moment, does that seem possible for you?
If the course dates of 20 April don’t work for you, the next course is planned for May/June. Let us know if that’s a better time for you and you’ll be the first in the queue.
If you have any questions please use this space for them and we will reply by email. Remember you can also email us on
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If you would like a phone call to chat through the course or hear more about us, let us know here and we will arrange a time to speak. We will book this by email.
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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