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At the beginning of the degree program, I was briefed about what is expected of me to be a good health professional *
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Additional courses, other the regular course, helps me to acquire extra knowledge and skill which will be useful for my career. *
At the beginning of each year, I was briefed about what I should learn in each subject *
Recent trends and concepts in my field have been covered adequately in the syllabus *
It is possible for me to complete the clinical case requirement on time. *
The use of different methods of training (lecture, small group discussions etc) is very interesting for me *
Use of computers, multimedia, LMS etc makes the subject very interesting *
The books and journals specified as references, is useful for self- learning *
I am provided with the blueprint of the question paper and the model question paper that is useful for exam preparation. *
The exam assessment criteria and marks allotment are told to me beforehand *
I am given enough opportunity to freely express my opinion on my subjects and the course. *
I am given enough facilities and resources that makes me my learning easy and comfortable *
New changes incorporated periodically in the curriculum is useful in enhancing the skills/ knowledge and attitude *
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