Miami Med COVID Help
To our wonderful healthcare providers: thank you for all that you do to keep our community safe and healthy. We're here to help you in any way we can—please don't hesitate to ask.

VOLUNTEERS: please sign up through the link at the very bottom of this form!

Lead project organizer: Alison Ohringer, MS1 class president -- (805)551-0489 +

This project is strictly volunteer-based. However, if you would like to donate to our efforts so we can reimburse students for gas and metro fare, we would welcome your support through our Venmo account, @MiamiMed. Any excess funding will be donated to other COVID community efforts.


Help request forms

1) At home or on campus help request:

2) Remote help request:



WHO: We are Miami Med students who are looking to help providers within UHealth, Jackson Health System, and the Miami VAMC, who need any household-type assistance while serving at the frontlines during COVID-19. We are also collecting PPE donations from the greater Miami area.

WHAT: This form is intended for healthcare workers within UHealth, Jackson Health System, and the Miami VAMC looking for help with any/all kinds of errands: grocery runs, pharmacy runs, attended deliveries, dog walking or pet sitting, meal drop-offs, any remote help, etc. as well as obtaining PPE donations throughout the community.

WHERE: In or around the greater Miami area

HOW: After a provider submits one of the above help request forms, project organizers will pair student volunteers with providers based on requested tasks, location, and the volunteer's availability. Student volunteers are asked to fill out the volunteer form (below the FAQ) detailing their transportation methods and schedules. Provider and volunteer names, addresses, and contact information will ONLY be visible to a small group of project managers who will then connect provider to student and share their info between the two of them.

DISCLAIMER: The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine is not responsible for this project. This is strictly a student-led effort.

Please note that this service is flexible and might change. We will do our best as students to support you! In return, we ask for your timely response to students as best you can and to be aware of our limitations. This project was created in collaboration with UMN, OHSU, and other members of the HCW co-op.

List of all volunteer opportunities for students in Miami:

CONTACT: Reach out to lead project organizer, Alison Ohringer MS1, with any questions at 805-551-0489 or


(list of all available volunteer opportunities for med students in Miami:

Volunteer sign-up form for this project:
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