Anonymous Questions

This is form that allows you to submit anonymous questions. The form is truly anonymous - it does not collect your email address or any other information about you, and you do not need to sign in with you KIS credentials. There is no way to determine who submits questions to this form.

Ms. Ana (Peer Mentor Supervisor), Ms. Sladjana (Counselor), Mr. Mike (Principal), and Dr. Mechum (Vice Principal) will work as a team to answer questions, and the answers will be posted below on this page (Anonymous Questions page of KIS Today)

IMPORTANT: If you need HELP, this is not the right place to ask for it. Because this form is anonymous, there is no way we could determine who asked the question, and therefore no way we could find you and help you. We have a Confidential Help form that is also available in the Peer Mentoring tab of KIS Today - please use that form if you need help with something.
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