The AEGLE PROJECT CULTURAL TOBACCO AWARENESS POSTER CONTEST is a competition directed towards raising awareness for the use of tobacco in south Asian communities, in the United States and abroad. Your poster should raise awareness of the dangers posed by tobacco, specifically cultural tobacco products like Gutka, Hookah, and Paan with Tobacco. Youth vaping, cigarettes and e-cigarettes, Chewing tobacco, and other smokeless tobacco.

You and your team of up to 4 other members will be making a poster related to this issue that will be judged on the following criteria by a panel of judges made of tobacco control professionals and youth tobacco activists. Prize money ranges from $25-$100

The competition will run from August 4th, 2021 to November 15th, 2021. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Your poster will be judged on the following criteria:

-The visual appeal - this category is based on how eye-catching your poster is and how likely people will notice it.

- Influence - this category is based on how influential your poster will be and how it will send a message and
affect those who see your poster

-Reaching the target audience - this is based on how your message reaches people of the target audience
(middle and high school students)

You can make your poster in a variety of methods, including drawing, painting, electronically drawing, and other artistic methods as long as your submission resembles a poster.

After your submission is recieved, you will be given instructions on how to upload your poster.

Learn more about the competition at

Good luck and we hope to see you submit your poster soon!
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