Publish truth; empower youth.
Situation: Humans are naturally self-healing. Yet, in 2024, many are unaware, and think they need products and expensive services to become healthy.

Mission: Team CDCFDA will launch a full-fledged publishing company in order to empower communities with self-healing methods and understanding no later than (NLT) the first day of Spring, 2030.

Execution: This is a multi-phase operation.Β 

Phase 1: Launch a live-stream on the first day of Spring, 2024. Each episode will provide listeners with powerful information and wisdom that will help you consider your experience from a different angle, and find health without spending money 🌞

Phase 2: People who resonate with the content and our mission can become members of Team CDCFDA by contributing whatever you can afford, and once we have 1,000 supporters, we will send everyone a collector's copy of the first edition of our quarterly journal πŸ“”

Phase 3: When we reach 5,000 supporters, we will send everyone a quarterly journal, and a monthly box of printed materials that will make your life better πŸ™Œ

Phase 4: When we reach 10,000, we will deliver all of the above, plus a yearly drop of new textbooks covering science and history βœ…

Throughout: We are available to work with you remotely to help you understand your symptoms in a holistic way, and the options you have to resolve them to health without spending a dime ☯️

You can help us in at least three ways:

1) Join Team CDCFDA by donating whatever you can affordΒ and please share this project to help us surpass 1,000 subscribers πŸ™
2) Contact us below, and we are happy to help you remotely for FREE πŸ‘
3) Contact us below to be interviewed on our podcast πŸ₯³

By 2030, we will print a book of self-healing-for-free success stories, and we would love to include yours ❀️
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Did you know that many of our common symptoms relate to posture and breathing patterns?
Did you know that a simple foot massage has been reported to make migraines disappear?
Did you know that you can help someone who is recovering from a stroke, unable to walk, and at high risk of respiratory distress by simple methods that require no tech?
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