Power of Peers Circles & Coaching Program for Women in STEM
Research shows that women excel when they have access to informal networks, community and a tight circle of successful women peers as they navigate bias and challenging institutions.

Who is in your circle?

Join a 2019 POP Circle and Coaching Cohort! You will join a cohort of women in STEM at a similar career stage and work together to propel your careers forward.

POP Circles are a way to create community, set personal goals, discuss professional concerns, and receive constructive feedback in your field with the support of peers. POP Circles are regularly meeting peer groups that offer access to ideas, information and perspective. Your group will provide frequent and safe forums in which to discuss concerns and receive constructive feedback, as well as set realistic personal goals. Participation develops accountability, empowerment and community. By joining the program, you also have access to two individual coaching sessions with Dr. Claire Horner-Devine to explore a topic in depth.

Please fill out this survey to apply for a 2019 POP Circle and Coaching Cohort and let me know what identities you would most like to share with your group members.

WHO: Each group will have 5-8 participants from a similar career stage and with shared identities. We expect to have groups for postdocs, early career faculty & researchers, mid-career faculty & researchers and a group for chairs an

WHAT: Peer problem solving, reflection and mentoring group. Groups are launched by an experienced facilitator for the first three meetings. The participant fee of $500 can be paid by the participant or their employer. This one-time fee includes two individual coaching sessions, three facilitated POP Circle meetings and ongoing access to your POP Circle. The POP Circles are self-sustaining after the three initial meetings.

WHERE: Meet via video conference.

WHEN: POP Circles meet 1.5 hours every other week and ongoing. We will work together to schedule your two individual coaching sessions.

GETTING STARTED: Please complete this form to apply join a 2019 POP Circle & Coaching Cohort. I will contact you as soon as I have a group forming that might be a good match for you!

I look forward to getting to know you!

Claire Horner-Devine, PhD


Equity. Leadership. Career development. Community connection. Peer mentoring. Problem solving. Belonging.

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A bit more about POP Circles
Find empowerment, connection and accountability with a long-lasting, inclusive, and professional community.

Some feedback from POP Circle participants:
COMMUNITY " [This] is often a lonely profession, and our circle makes me feel much less alone. Now that I have my POP circle to validate my struggles, help me work through a range of challenges, and celebrate exciting milestones with me, I look forward to our next call the moment the current one is over."

EMPOWERMENT "This group has been pivotal for me in allowing me to see how much more I have to offer, and I have done, than I had been giving myself credit for."

SAFE SPACE "POP Circles provide the unique opportunity to balance focus on the everyday problems that have big impacts on our well-being as professionals and human beings and the challenge to take on longer term discussions around the big issues with which we all wrestle."

You can read two recent pieces about peer mentoring circles in science to learn more about POP Circles.


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