WMS Student Survey
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3. Our school, WMS, does a good job of teaching students.
4. I have a chance to learn many subjects in my school. *
5. I am learning things at WMS that I will use in the future. *
6. I am learning things at WMS that I use during my everyday life outside of school. *
7. My teachers want students to learn. *
8. I am given homework at WMS that helps me learn what I need to know. *
9. My school has many places where I can learn, such as the library. *
10. My teachers give me extra help when I need it. *
11. Students at WMS are rewarded or recognized when they do a good job in school. *
12. I use a computer at WMS to help me learn. *
13. My school does not allow cheating. *
14. I am treated fairly by the teachers at WMS. *
15. The principals and teachers at WMS care about the students. *
16. I am happy at my school. *
17. Policies and rules are in place at WMS to prevent and stop bullying and taunting. *
18. My family feels welcome to visit WMS. *
19. My school offers many things to take part in such as music, plays, and sports. *
20. I am happy with the different things that the school plans for us to do. *
21. My teachers tell us the school rules so that we understand them. *
22. My teachers listen to my ideas. *
23. What do you like BEST about your school? *
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24. What do you like LEAST about your school? *
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25. What is one idea you have to make WMS a better place to learn? *
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