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Hello RCSA Member,

By choosing to draft and submit legislation, you are exemplifying all three tenants of the RCSA mission: Engaging within your community to solicit ideas and opinions; taking ownership and initiative in drafting thoughtful legislation expressing those opinions; and advocating for yourself and others to improve your experience on campus.

In drafting your legislation, please be consider the following advice:
- Legislation should be supported by data and resident's opinion.
- Legislation should be clear and concise.
- Legislation should be related to on-campus residents, HFS, or RCSA.

Additional guidelines and templates can be found at uwrcsa.org/legislation.

If you require assistance in submitting this form, drafting legislation, collecting data to support your claims, or any other matters, please don't hesitate to contact the Director of External Affairs (extaff@uw.edu) or visit us at uwrcsa.org/legislation.

Thank you,

Executive Board
Residential Community Student Association (RCSA)

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General Resolutions are the main conduit to express resident's opinion and are the most common type of legislation, covering the widest array of potential uses. Amendments pertain to the governing documents of the RCSA which dictate how we operate. To learn more about the amendment process, please visit uwrcsa.org.
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