2020 WLH Financial Assistance Application
Wichita's Littlest Heroes financial assistance committee reviews all applications on the first Wednesday every month. You must have been an active member of WLH for at least 6 months before you can be considered for financial assistance. There is a $500 limit per family per year, however, our budget currently is less than $1600/month so the amount we can help each month depends on the number and amount of other legitimate requests. You are not guaranteed any financial assistance.

Failure to fill out this form completely may result in your request being denied. Assistance is awarded based on how many people apply, what the needs are, how much is available and how active you are in the organization. "Active" means you attend events, help with fundraisers, act as a campaign family, involvement in the parent page, and willingness to volunteer.

You will receive an email or phone call in a few days after letting you know whether or not you have been selected for assistance and if so, for how much. Please do not just say "bills" when asked what the money is needed for. The more specific you are with the circumstances that led to you needing help and the exact bill or bills you need help with, the more likely we are to be able to help you.

If we were unable to help you this month, feel free to apply again the following months. Please make sure your contact information is correct so that we can get a hold of you. Thank you for letting us love your family through this journey. We hope to make your load a little lighter. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help your family with. Email anytime at office@wichitaslittestheroes.com or call 316-364-3354.

"No One Fights Alone".
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Parents Names: *
Hero's Name & Diagnosis: *
Phone Number: *
How long have you been in WLH and do you consider your family an active member? If yes, what do you do that makes you active? *
Amount of Assistance Requested: *
What is Assistance needed for and why? Please be specific in what you will pay with the assistance. Don't just say "bills" or "got behind". Tell us exactly what you need help paying and how you came to need this help. *
Our Assistance requires relation to medical reasoning (ie. I could not work because my Hero was in the hospital, therefore I could not pay my electric bill.) Please specify how this Assistance pertains to the medical state of your Hero. *
We prefer to pay the bill directly whenever possible and we almost never write a check directly to the family. We must have receipts for whatever is paid with the assistance. If you are asking for help with, for example, your electric bill, please specify "Westar" and give us your account number, name and address the account is under and what phone number we need to call to pay the bill and we will pay directly to Westar. *
Contact Name & Number to Pay Bill *
Have you applied for assistance anywhere else for this need? If not, why? and If Yes, did you receive help? Why or why not? *
How else can WLH help your family during this time? We want to help you with more than money. Please share something else we can help with. *
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