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1. The office staff was courteous and professional.
2. The Sales Representative sought to understand my needs.
3. The Sales Representative presented appropriate solutions for my project.
4. How would you rate the performance of the Sales Representative?
5. The Project Manager was courteous, professional and communicated effectively.
6. The job site appeared to be kept clean and safe.
7. How would you rate the performance of the crew that completed the project?
8. I am satisfied with the quality of workmanship and materials used.
9. I am likely to recommend M&M to friends and relatives.
Please list the names of any friends and relatives who may be interested in using M&M for their home.
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10. M&M is concerned with customer satisfaction.
11. M&M met my expectation in regard to scheduling based on the time frame from the Sales Representative.
If the above is not a 4 please explain.
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12. Please list the names of any employee from M&M that you remember doing an excellent job.
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13. What can we do to improve our company?
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