Practice Indie 200 HR Yoga Teacher Training Application
Hey! Congrats on taking the first step in your yoga teaching journey. We do ask that anyone applying has at least 2 years of a yoga practice under their belts (or prior permission from the instructors). It's in your best interest for the program. Additionally, if you have a current teacher who does not teach at Practice Indie that could provide a letter of recommendation- we'd love it!
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A little background on your practice and what yoga means to you.
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Why you want to do Yoga Teacher Training? *
What draws you to spend all this money and all this time? It's a serious commitment, ya know?
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How do you connect with your community? *
What does community mean to you? How are you out in the community? How do you see yoga relating to your community?
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What does “you do you” mean to you?
Seriously, what does that mean to you?
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What’s your favorite song?
Seriously, what is it?
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What’s your biggest fear?
let's get deep
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What do you love most about yourself?
If you can't answer this question repeat the following: I'm awesome, I'm hilarious (and then make a farting noise with your mouth... it will help)
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Name a fun fact
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Who/what inspires you?
Totally applicable answers: Mickey Mouse, Purvi Lippincott, Sasquatch, Oprah
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This is a course that involves regular meetings including Thursdays and Sundays, plus three long weekends but we also understand that each of us has a life…that being said, do you know of any times that will conflict with your attendance?
Have conflicts? Let us know what they might be here!
We want to work with you to make sure this training fits your schedule and life!
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