LBMS New Member Form
Hello and welcome to the Long Beach Maker Society! To make sure that the next semester is as fun and educational as possible we have put together this survey which all new members are required to take. This survey has been made to help us learn what our members are bringing to the table experience wise in addition to what skills and projects they may want to take on this year.
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How did you first hear about LBMS? Did you see our Superbowl ad? *
If you did see us at a table, what was it that caught your eye/made you approach the table? (Besides the attractive people running it 😉)
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How would you rate your knowledge of 3d printing? *
3D what-ing?
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Have you ever been in an active shop or know basic shop safety? (Power tools and that sort) *
Please check off the following equipment you have experience with. *
Of the previously listed equipment, which would you like to get more experience with? *
What materials if any have you worked with in the past? *
Which skills would you like to build this year as a member of LBMS? *
Which projects below do you think you would be interested in working on? (If you have a specific project in mind that isn't listed, please add it in "other") *
If you plan to participate in the Blue Man Challenge this year, how are you most likely to use them?
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