Effects of COVID-19 on Alumni Employment
Dear Alumni, we appreciate you all and want to know about your circumstances during this time. Please use this form to share about how the current crisis is affecting your job and ways you're coping/managing/thriving. This information will be shared with current students and other alumni who may feel lost or can offer help. As well as provide Dodge College with information on how to better help our community.

All questions are completely voluntary. Please only share what you don't mind having shared with others. Only alumni. Once you submit your responses you'll be given the option to view other submissions. See how others are being affected. Reach out to those who'd like to mentor. If you have support to give in some way, let others know. I know these are sensitive times and truly appreciate your openness.

This form is being monitored by Dodge College's Career Services. All submissions will be reviewed and edited or removed at Dodge's discretion.
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How has the current crisis affected your work?
What steps have you taken to manage the changes?
What tools/resources/organizations/groups have you used? And to what capacity?
If your role allows you to make hiring decisions, how has this affected these practices? (timelines/methods/process)
Does your company have any remote opportunities that students/alumni can apply for? Where can they see these or can they contact you?
Are you open to mentoring/connecting with a student during these times?
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