Introducing "The China List" Screenplay database 介绍 "中国名单” 剧本数据库
The China List is a new website / database that will connect producers, filmmakers, writers, financiers, sales and distribution executives in the East and West.
WANT FREE ACCESS? If you are a producer, director, sales/distribution agent or talent representative – would you like free access to a new China-Hollywood film and TV script database? 想免费使用? 如果您是制片人,导演,销售/ 发行代理, 人才经理或者代理人- -您想得到免费访问中国- 好莱坞电影和电视剧本数据库吗? *
CONTACT FORM Attention producers, directors, sales/distribution agents or talent representatives. If you are interested in gaining free access to The China List screenplay database, please fill in this form. 联系方式 注意:制片人、导演、销售/发行代理人或人才代表,如果您有兴趣获得免费访问“中国名单”剧本数据库的资格,请填写此表格。
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