Title for Toby Ord's book
Toby is working on a major book on existential risk, to be published in early 2020. Like The Better Angels of our Nature or Animal Liberation, it will be rigorous and advance the field, yet still be readable by the educated public. Key audiences will be the existential risk community, policy makers, opinion shapers, effective altruists, and young people deciding what to do with their lives. The book will show how great humanity’s potential is, then explain the risks that threaten it and why safeguarding humanity is a central moral issue of our time. In doing so, it takes care to frame the idea of reducing existential risk so that it appears natural rather than contrarian; sensible rather than silly; and mature rather than juvenile.

A good title will have the following qualities:
1) It communicates the purpose of the book, so people who would be interested in its content pick it up.
2) It is positive or ambiguous in tone, rather than negative.
3) It is serious, rather than sensationalist.
4) It is an ambitious and important book.

We are offering a prize of $1,000 for the title we eventually choose, provided it is not already on our shortlist.

We welcome anonymous suggestions, though please include your name to be considered for the prize. Multiple entries are welcome!

Closes Feb 22nd.

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