Illustrator/Comic Artist Survey
Hi! Thanks so much for taking a few minutes to complete this survey. I am working on my next book for Stenhouse Publishers, in which I am arguing for a "redefining" or "reimagining" of what we consider "writing" in schools. Your insight will help me so, so much. Please feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns, or questions at if needed--and please share this survey with your colleagues!
Do you frequently or regularly engage in visual or multimodal composition as part of how you make your living? *
Growing up, how often were you offered opportunities to engage in "alternative" kinds of compositions in school (e.g., illustrating, comic writing, spoken word poetry, zine making, etc)? *
Quite often
If you answered "1" or "2" for the previous question, how did this affect you as a student? *
[OPTIONAL] Did you, as a student growing up, identify as any of these types of learners? (I understand that some of these learning differences never "go away," but I am most interested in what school was like for you as a child/adolescent.)
Do you think we ought to "redefine" our ideas about what writing "is" in schools? Why or why not? *
Your answer
[OPTIONAL] May I follow up with you if I have a question about something you've expressed here? (If so, please leave an email address or Twitter handle!)
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