Spring Curling League Interest Survey
Thank you all so much for making the Fall league a success in spite of a pandemic that only worsened over the course of the league! While we certainly had challenges with running the league you all did everything you could to make it a success and keep it going. The Fuel Tank staff were very pleased with our adherence to safe practices, and as a Board we are thrilled with the dedication everyone showed to making the league a success.

With that in mind, we are working to put together a Spring League. I call it a Spring League because due to existing conflicts at the Fuel Tank we can not reasonably start the league until March. If you have questions about the details of the conflicts you are welcome to reach out to a member of the board, but the practical consequence is that we have 8 consecutive weeks for curling beginning March 12 and running through the whole of April. I will say that if there is sufficient interest we can explore the possibility of going into the first Fridays of May (A question about this will be asked below).

The plan for the league is to run an 8 week league. The number and nature of responses will determine whether we have both the willingness and the demand for an extra week or two. The specific cost of the league will be determined based on the responses and the length of the league but will not exceed $250. As always, current membership is required to participate in the league. Remember that membership runs July 1 - June 30, so if you paid membership for the Fall league, either as a full participant or a sub, you do not need to pay that fee again.

The games for the Spring league will be on Friday nights at the same time as the Fall league, one draw starting at 8:00pm with last end start no later than 9:50pm. All COVID-19 protocols are being updated and will be adhered to throughout the Spring League. This includes sanitizing equipment, single person scoreboard operations, single sweepers and special rules to limit the number of people in the houses. All participants will be asked to familiarize themselves with the updated COVID-19 protocols before the start of the league.

Everyone must sign up for the league as individuals. We appreciate that this is an early request for sign-ups but since we have interest now we wanted to provide you with a plan and a schedule as soon we could. You are encouraged to discuss team construction with other members prior to signing up for the league and make those preferences known in the sign up form. If you do not have a preference on teammates the League Commissioner will construct teams to be as balanced as possible. Negative preferences (i.e. I don't want to play with John Doe) will not be honored, but all attempts will be made to honer positive preference (i.e. I would like to play with Jane Doe). The League Commissioner will do all in their power to balance experience levels on teams that do not self select. Collegiate teams and teams competing to represent the club externally will remain intact.

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