Empire State Ride Pre-Tour Survey
We want this to be the best tour ever. To help us prepare for the tour and ensure you have the best experience possible, we need you to complete a Pre-Tour Survey. Please take a few moments to complete it as soon as you can. If you are a couple, we need both of you to complete the survey separately. We forward to meeting you in July. Let's get ready to roll!

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Your Name *
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Your cell phone number you will be using while on the tour *
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Have you received the Tour Information Packet? *
Will you be taking the shuttle from Buffalo to NYC at the start of the tour on Saturday, July 29? *
The cost of shuttle is $50 and departs Roswell Park promptly at 8:00 am. If you need to transport your bike and/or gearfrom Buffalo to NYC, you must drop it off on Thursday, July 27. (See question #13?) There will only be room for carry-on sized bags on the shuttle.
Are you interested in a shuttle from Buffalo to NYC at the end of the tour Sunday, August 6? *
This question is to garner interest in a shuttle. Details will follow based on the number of participants interested.
Please indicate how many nights you plan to reserve a hotel in one of the designated hotels, listed in the information packet. *
This will help us get an idea of how many people need a shuttle to hotels.
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Are you interested in reserving a dorm room at Wagner College for Saturday, July 29. *
I understand I must contact The Empire State Ride to make this reservation. See information packet for contact information.
Prior to the tour, will you ship your bike to NYC Bicycle Shop (Staten Island) to be picked up and delivered to Wagner College before registration? *
Any services and assembly fees must be pre-arranged with the bicycle shop and are your financial responsibility.
Do you have a bike case that will need to be stored in the luggage truck during the tour? *
If you are shipping your bike to NYC Bicycle Shop (Staten Island), we will pick up your bike case and deliver it to Wagner College before registration.
Are you renting a bike from Campus Wheelworks in Buffalo to be picked up and delivered to Wagner College in NYC before registration? *
After the tour, will you be shipping your bike from Beeton's Cyclery in Niagara Falls? *
We will deliver your bike to the shop at the end of the tour. Any services and shipping fees must be pre-arranged with the bicycle shop and are your financial responsibility.
Will you drop off your bike and/or gear at Roswell Park on Thursday, July 27 to be delivered to NYC? *
If you are planning to take the shuttle from Buffalo to NYC on Saturday, July 29, you must drop off your luggage and bike on Thursday, July 27.
Do you use a CPAP/BPAP machine? *
We will provide electric to your tent each night. It is your responsibility to pack your machine within your luggage, which will be stored on the luggage transport during the tour.
How many days might you utilize the shuttle to lunch to shorten your ride? *
This will help us determine the shuttles needed to transport riders and bikes to the alternate start location each day.
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Please share with us any questions, concerns and/or additional information regarding your travel plans for you and your gear. *
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What is your preferred jersey size? *
Please specify men's/unisex or a women's specific fit. You will receive a Primal Sport Cut, custom designed, Empire State Ride jersey at registration. Please visit https://www.primalwear.com/pages/fit-guide to determine your preferred size.
Your answer
Would you like a towel from Comfy Camper? *
If you will be camping, Comfy Camper provides a tent and air mattress that is set-up and taken down each day by staff. They will also provide a clean towel each day for $30 - this is an optional service that will be your financial responsibility.
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