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Thank you for volunteering to help out at our CPR classes!

You must have a valid (not expired) American Heart Association CPR certification to TA. If you do not have one, you can TA a class and at the end of the class complete the AHA CPR certification test (25 multiple choice questions) and pay only $10
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Do you hold a valid certification in American Heart Association CPR for the Healthcare Provider? *
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Will you feel comfortable performing in-person duties including but not limited to cleaning of equipment, being in a limited group setting for at least 2 hours, and providing verbal instruction to participants. *
Please select the days you are able to help TA (times include set-up). You will be scheduled to help TA for all of the dates you check off so please only sign up for dates you are sure you can attend. We will email you and let you know if we no longer need you at a class. *
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