Evolution School of Yoga 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Application 2019 - 2020
Thank you for applying to the Evolution School of Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training! Please complete the application in it's entirety, submit the application, and follow the link at the bottom of this form to submit the application fee. A program representative from our school will contact you within two weeks regarding your application. We look forward to reviewing your information.
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Participants in Evolution School of Yoga's Teacher Training must meet the following criteria for acceptance into the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training:

*Currently practicing in, studying or an interest in working in a health and wellness field
*Minimum 1 year consistent yoga practice
*Complete the online Anatomy for 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings course with Yoganatomy.com (cost is $55 plus text)
*Commitment to the training in its entirety

Please list the profession(s) you are currently practicing, studying, or interested in: *
Please list the number of years practicing in your current profession or number of years in school (write N/A if not applicable at this time): *
Please list your current employer and/or current school: *
How long you have been practicing yoga and how often do you currently practice? *
Please describe your yoga practice, i.e. style(s) of yoga, length of practice session, teachers you study with or have studied with, yoga practices included, etc. *
A requirement of our training program is to complete the Online Anatomy for 200-hour Teacher Trainings at yoganatomy.com. If you have completed this online training please list the date of completion below and send us your completion certificate. This training must be completed before the start of our Yoga Teacher Training. If you have not completed the online training follow this link to register for the course and get started: https://www.yoganatomy.com/yoga-anatomy-courses/online-yoga-anatomy-teacher-training-course-200/ *
This 200-hour training includes 8 training weekends onsite at Evolution School of Yoga in Burlington, Vermont. Additional non-contact/distance learning hours are to be completed between modules. Please list any barriers or concerns about completing all training requirements: *
Essay questions - please answer each essay question in no more than ½ page.
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Discuss your interest in becoming a certified yoga instructor at this time in your professional and personal life. *
How do you plan to integrate teaching yoga into your life? *
Describe the populations you hope/plan to serve with your yoga certification. *
Who are your mentors? Describe the impact these mentors have had on your life. *
Below you will find Evolution School of Yoga's Liability Agreement, Acceptance of Risk and Program Policies. Admission to the program is contingent upon agreement to the following agreements and policies in section 4a through 4f. Please contact YTTinfo@evolutionvt.com if you have questions about our policies and liability agreements.
Evolution School of Yoga is a fully owned division of Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga Studio Inc.
Program Liability Agreement
Section 4a
I accept full responsibility for my participation in the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Evolution School of Yoga. I understand that the training may be physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually challenging and demanding. Therefore, I agree to take care of myself in all respects. I agree to contribute to a safe and respectful learning environment for myself, my fellow students, and faculty. I understand that attendance at each training session is mandatory in order for me to complete the 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher Training. I commit to full participation in each training session. *
Acceptance of Risk
Section 4b
I acknowledge that I am of sound mind and body and am fully able to participate in Evolution School of Yoga’s 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. I will not hold Evolution School of Yoga, including individual faculty, responsible for any physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual injury I incur in this training. I therefore understand that Evolution School of Yoga is not responsible to reimburse me for any physical or psychological treatment fees I incur subsequent to this training. I fully recognize and accept any and all risks as a result of my participation in this training and will consult with a healthcare provider as necessary. I understand that Evolution School of Yoga faculty is not responsible for attending to each student’s individual needs throughout the training and that I should identify and access additional support (i.e. therapist, counselor, spiritual guide, etc.) as necessary. *
Substance Use Policy
Section 4c
I understand that the use of alcohol or other drugs is strictly prohibited during the training. I understand that violation of this policy will result in immediate dismissal from the program with no refund. *
Social Media
Section 4d
I understand that any use of Evolution School of Yoga name, logo, related videos or recordings on social media requires expressed permission from the school. Photographs of other students or faculty may not be posted without their permission. *
Refund and Cancellation Policy
Section 4e
I understand that there is a $100 non-refundable application fee, and that the full tuition balance is due four weeks prior to program start date. A full refund, minus the application fee, can be granted up to two months prior to the program start date. A 50% refund of the tuition can be granted up to one month prior to the program start date. No refunds will be granted after one month prior to the program start date. *
Release of Liability
Section 4f
I confirm that I am in sufficient physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and have no medical concerns that would prevent me from participating in Evolution School of Yoga’s 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program. By signing below, I accept all responsibilities and risks listed above and assume full responsibility for my participation in the program and enter into a legally binding general release of liability. (Your typed name and date will be accepted as an electronic signature and consent to the release of liability) *
Once you have submitted your application please follow the link below to pay your application fee. Applications will not be processed until your fee is received. Please e-mail YTTinfo@evolutionvt.com if you have questions about the application.
Please indicate if you would like to utilize our payment plan option for tuition. Payment will be divided into four monthly payments made via debit or credit card. *
Are you a student? Please indicate if you would like to apply for our student discount. *
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