NEW Missionary Application
Thank you for applying to teach Totus Tuus 2022 in the Diocese of Wichita! This application is for applicants who have never taught Totus Tuus before in any diocese. If you have previously taught in any diocese, there is a different application.  We are excited that you're considering this life-changing summer opportunity. Please prayerfully consider the questions below.

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Will you be studying abroad Spring Semester? If so, when do you return to the US?
Will you be at least 18 years old by May 26, 2021?
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Have you ever been convicted of a crime other than a minor traffic offense? *
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Have you applied to Totus Tuus for any other diocese? If so, where? *
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Talents and Gifts
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What special talents or gifts do you have that will benefit the Totus Tuus Program? *
Do you play an instrument? Please check all that apply. *
Would you be comfortable/capable of leading music for daily Mass and once a week Adoration? *
Do you understand/speak Spanish? Would you consider yourself fluent? (able to speak to parents, give directions, talk about your Faith, etc.) *
Catholic Formation
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Why are you Catholic? *
Talk about a faith experience you had while growing up that impacted your life. *
What does a good apology entail? Describe a recent time that you needed to apologize and how that apology was received.
What are your hobbies/interests? (activities, sports, music, books)
Is there any teaching of the Catholic Church with which you have difficulty? Explain.
Describe the best leader you've ever worked with. This person could be a teacher, coach, supervisor, or peer. *
Have you ever considered what vocation God is calling you to? (Marriage or religious life? A career path or ministry?) Share a bit of your current discernment. *
Tell me about your greatest strength or skill. List one area that you are working to improve. *
Do you have a car available for team use? (the vehicle owner will be reimbursed for mileage)
Is there anything else you'd like to share or that you'd like us to know? *
VIRTUS Training
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If yes, date and location of training *
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1. I understand that, for some positions, active membership in the Catholic Church is a bona fide
occupational qualification for employment in the Catholic Church. For that reason, preference may be given
to hiring practicing Catholics who are in good standing with the Catholic Church. For that reason preference
may also be given to persons whose moral convictions and behavior support the teaching of the Catholic
2. I understand that consideration for employment is contingent upon the results of a reference and
background check. I authorize the Catholic Diocese of Wichita to investigate all statements made on this
application and to discuss the results of its investigation with those responsible for hiring.
3. I authorize the Diocese to contact my former employers and any listed references or any other persons who
can verify information about me, and I give my permission for all contacted persons and former employers to
respond to questions pertaining to information on this application, as well as to questions about my character.
Further, I release from liability all former employers or other contacted persons for providing information to
the Diocese.
4. I acknowledge that the information I have supplied is correct to the best of my knowledge and understand
that any deliberate falsification, misrepresentations or omissions of fact may be grounds for rejection of my
application or dismissal if hired by the Diocese.
By my digital signature, I attest I have read and agree to the above acknowledgment. Please type full name below. *
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