Whether you are selling innovative eco-technologies to new markets, or looking to buy innovative eco-technologies that really live up to their performance claims, ETV is for you!

ETV is an internationally recognized scheme that delivers a performance certificate for innovative eco-technologies, whose validity is accepted and guaranteed internationally. This unique technology verification scheme relies on accredited independent verification bodies to verify the performance claims of an eco-technology according to well-defined and common guidelines worldwide. The ETV process also provides eco-technology developers with a comprehensive audit report that contains detailed proofs of the true performance of their eco-technologies.

ETV is for all vendors of eco-technologies, who will find in the ETV scheme the only internationally accepted solution that guarantees the performance claims of the technologies they market.

ETV is for all buyers of eco-technologies from the private or public sector, who will find in the ETV scheme the only accepted solution to identifying innovative eco-technologies that are guaranteed to meet their needs and reduce their investment risk.

By answering the following questions with as much information as possible, you will contribute greatly to our defining the levers used and needed by professionals of the eco-technology sector to market their innovative products nationally and internationally. The ETV4INNOVATION project team will make use of your valuable feedback to derive and create an open-access online ETV course that will become a resource you can use to market your eco-technologies.

For any inquiries, please contact Aušra Lingytė from Inventya Ventures (EU) Ltd. – Coordinator of the ETV4INNOVATION project by the email: or telephone: +37060389645
Environmental Technology verification (ETV)
To this day, about 1500 eco-technologies have benefited from ETV statements worldwide. With ETV being an ISO standard since 2016, its commercial potential for helping companies market and export their innovative eco-technologies worldwide is very real and the demand from clients for ETV verification statements is expected to grow steadily and rapidly.

As the ETV verification statement is a guarantee of the performance of eco-technologies, the process of obtaining ETV statements follows very strict guidelines and procedures. To obtain such statements rapidly and at the lowest cost, companies must meet the level of requirements of the ETV verification process at all phases in their eco-technology product development.

The ETV4INNOVATION project is part of a global effort to market the value of ETV verification statements and help proven and innovative eco-technologies access international markets. The ETV4INNOVATION project’s contribution to this endeavour is to develop an open-access online course on ETV that will become a resource to eco-technology developers, providing them with a better and more efficient access to the ETV verification process.
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