Apply to Hell Yes Fest 2020
Welcome to the Hell Yes Fest application form.

What you need to know:

- Submissions are due May 10th at 11:59p

- All submissions are non-refundable

- All performers get paid a guarantee (at least the amount of your application fee) and get free food

- There will be many opportunities for you to perform in New Orleans on non-official shows during Hell Yes Fest. We encourage you to explore these options and maximize your time in our favorite city. In the event you are booked on HYF and want more shows than we can provide, we can help point you in the right direction. In the event your application is not accepted but you still want to come to New Orleans, we'll comp you some tickets to festival shows and help point you in the right direction of some non-official shows while you're in town.

- A percentage of the proceeds from HYF shows are donated to Women and Children’s organizations in Louisiana.

- Hell Yes Fest accepts stand-up, sketch, and improv comedy submissions HOWEVER we'd also love to hear about your specialty format show, your live podcast, or your idea for a bizarre competition. We pride ourselves on curating a brand new festival experience every year and can't wait to see your weird pitches. This year we are especially looking for individuals who do more than one thing (i.e. you're a standup comic who also runs a format show, you're an improviser but you also write sketches).

Keep in mind that Hell Yes Fest is not only accepting applications for our main event that runs in November but we also take submissions and offer bookings at various venues year round. So your application to our festival is also an application to perform in New Orleans or any of our satellite festivals.

Hell Yes Fest submission fees are non-refundable. If you encounter a problem with your form or if you have more questions, email
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