EKC - Spring 2017 Instructor/Course Proposal
Encore Kids College is seeking local K-12 children’s programs to support The Capitol Encore Academy mission to collaborate as providers/instructors in our after school Encore Kids College program for its FALL 2017 program.

Please read the 2017-2018 EKC Standard Operating Procedures prior to submitting a proposal.

Please return proposal forms no later than August 14, 2017. Please do not begin courses/session until Tuesday, September 5, 2017 – unless your program will be every day after school, beginning on the first day of school, August 30, 2016. Formal acceptance of your course as part of the EKC Fall 2017 catalog will be notified via email by August 17, 2017. Advertising and online enrollment for FALL 20167 will open by August 20, 2017. You are welcome to advertise your own courses upon acceptance of your course proposal. Information will be provided upon acceptance of course proposal as needed. Please plan to attend the following evenings at TCEA: Thursday, August 24 from 6:00-7:30pm for New Family Orientation and Friday, August 25th from 6:00-7:30pm.

Encore Kids College Vision:
Encore Kids College is an after school program hosted by The Capitol Encore Academy (TCEA). The mission of Encore Kids College, through a joint collaboration with local artists and organizations, is to provide access to the arts and creative practices for K-12 children in our community. We believe access to enrichment and creative activities will assist in promoting not only increased skill, but also a positive lifestyle for children. Offering choices to students to participate in additional creative opportunities encourages growth in both arts and academics. In addition to fostering student learn¬ing, TCEA wants to support and encourage the use of the local resources by establishing relationships between the school, family, and community.

Encore Kids College is specifically looking for reputable organizations and professionals to offer tuition based courses, typically offered at their own vendor location, to be offered at The Capitol Encore Academy location. TCEA recognizes the benefit for parents to have offerings onsite allowing for minimal transportation arrangements as well as to local organizations growing local talent. Areas of need include, but are not limited to theater, music, dance, visual arts, graphic arts, foreign languages, and martial arts. We will consider additional areas with your information provided that support enrichment and creative practices.

Mutual Benefits:
• Encore Academy students would receive high quality skill development in areas supporting the school mission.
• Parents would not need to worry about transportation from school to other locations.
• Community organizations can extend their programs with outreach and access to the Encore students and location.
• Access to art enrichment activities is more available to serve all children in our community.

Program Purpose and Logistics:
Encore Kids College serves an after-school resource, provided by The Capitol Encore Academy, for all children in our community. Similar to a college catalog of courses, Encore Kids College will offer a variety courses in collaboration from instructors and organizations. Courses are open to all K-12 children. Students are not required to attend TCEA to participate, however, priority will be given to TCEA students. Instructors are not required to be, but may be, employees of TCEA. Instructors of these courses include artists, teachers and organizations from the community who are able to use TCEA facilities to provide courses to these students. All are expected to uphold ethical and safety practices to affiliated with Encore Kids College. TCEA will offer space and registration access for classes Monday-Friday from 3:15pm-6:00pm. Additional times late evening or weekends are negotiable for special performances.

Encore Kids College will offer multiple arts disciplines, creative practices and similar courses. Courses will be offered in session increments Monday through Friday between 3:15pm and 6:00pm. The instructor of the course sets tuition, fees, schedule, and course content. Parents and students will select options available based on age, content, day/time, and any other eligibility requirements set by instructors.

Parents must enroll students with Encore Kids College in order to register in a specific course, such as Art Studio or Guitar Lessons, for example. This is similar to registering for a community college, prior to being able to register for a specific course with the individual instructor. This is for safety and accountability of students.

Parents will then contact the instructor directly to pay the organization/instructor, fill out additional forms as required by the instructor and communicate any questions or concerns relating specifically to the course. TCEA does not receive payment from students or instructors for ECK program.

RFP Submission Requirements:
To submit a proposal please email the attached completed form to tbrownlee@capitolencoreacademy.org: Subject Encore Kids College Proposal
Please read the Operating Procedures and all party responsibilities attached to the email.
*Additional Note: If you would like to offer courses at our location we would ask that you include our location as an extension for your liability insurance coverage.

More information will be provided upon acceptance of course proposal.

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