CRF Scholarship Exchange Application
Welcome and thanks for your participation in our Costa Rica programs. Money should never be a barrier to exchange travel and because of this Costa Rica Frika has created a fund from which to award scholarships for students going on CRF programs to Costa Rica.

Please complete the following application for scholarship consideration. Note: recipients will be required to complete additional tasks leading up to and during the exchange such as CRF social media posts and blog entries for the purpose of keeping donors informed of recipient's experience.

Scholarship amounts range from $500-$1,000 and number of scholarships are dependent on funding from donors. Scholarship deadline is February 10th (both student and teacher recommendation letter needs to be submitted). Awards will be announced in early March. Scholarship awards will be applied to final exchange payment.
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Please write a personal statement discussing your foreign language ambitions, involvement, and reasons for applying for this scholarship. (400-500 words) *
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Describe an experience from your past that greatly impacted your life. How did this occurrence help shape the person you are today? What expectations do you have for your study abroad experience and in what way do you think this experience will affect your life? (400-500 words) *
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After submission deadline, applications will be reviewed and awards announcement will be made in early March.

To complete the application you must have a reference from your teacher. The teacher should write a letter detailing the student’s personal and academic strengths, history of language study, and support of the travel program. Teacher to email recommendation letter to by deadline.

¡Buena suerte!
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