Minew's survey on Temperature Detector
1. What's your application scenarios of the temperature detector? *
2. What would you use it for? (Multiple Choice) *
3. Which detecting method do you prefer ? (Multiple Choice) *
4. What is the highest and lowest temperature of your application scenario?(Multiple Choice) *
5. What is the tolerance of accuracy that you can accept? *
6. Is humidity detection required? *
7. What is your humidity detection accuracy requirement?
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8. Does the product require a screen to display temperature or humidity? *
9. Which data upload mode would you prefer? (Multiple choice) *
10. How many data storage records would you like to have? *
11. How long do you expect the product to last? *
12. What do you want the product be made of? *
13. Is there any special requirement for material of the product? *
14. What is the waterproof ratings you prefer? *
15. What certification is required? (Multiple Choice) *
16. What features do you want the product to have? *
17. Which three features do you think are the most important? (Multiple Choice) *
18. What features do you value more in the appearance and structure of the product?
19. How would you rate the value for money of a temperature detector? *
20. How many temperature detectors do you need per year?
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21. What kind of special offer do you expect? (Multiple choice)
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22. Which country are you from? *
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