ThirdSpace Sessions #10: Numbers: Duo, Trio, Solo - RSVP to reserve your seats!
ThirdSpace Sessions presents
Numbers: Duo, Trio, Solo

This ThirdSpace Session features special guest Nakarin Teerapenun (guitar) from Thailand. Joining Nakarin is Dirk Stromberg (phallophone) for a duo that will surely explore colors of the psychedelic and bend the mind. Soloist Tim O'Dwyer will be performing a solo acoustic set that will divulge the innermost secrets of the saxophone with his virtuosic yet musical sensibilities. SAtheCollective members Natalie Alexandre Tse, Andy Chia and Vick Low will continue to deliver a musically-spiritual performance that introduces a variety while enticing thoughtfulness.

Performers: Nakarin Teerapenun, Vick Low, Natalie Tse, Andy Chia, Dirk Stromberg, Tim O’Dwyer


Date: 10 October 2019, Thursday
Time: 8.00pm
Venue: ThirdSpace, 90 Goodman Rd, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B, #05-02 Singapore 439053

Ticket Price
$18 (Public) - one free drink
$8 (Students/NSF/Unemployed)
*Payment via Paylah/Paynow! or cash at the door

Watch the previous ThirdSpace Sessions #9: Game of Patience here:

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Bio of Performers
Nakarin Teerapenun Bio
When I was a child, I had learning difficulties and did not excel in school except in arts and music. As a result, I decided to apply to an art college and later to pursue fine arts at university level. While in college, I also formed a band with my brother and some friends, and we became known as T-Bone, a reggae and ska band. At around the same time I also discovered jazz music and became obsessed with the improvisation aspect of it. I later decided to pursue music instead of art and I have not looked back since. Despite being in a reggae band, I always find ways to weave jazzy elements into whatever I play.

A few years later, I started my own experimentation with jazz by forming a jazz band called Stone Head. I like to try and find different sounds and play around with it, seeing where it will take me, which I find very stimulating and exciting. As my journey into sound continued, I formed another band called “Killjoy”, this time delving deeper into experimentations. My most memorable experiences playing live was when I played free improvisation with Arto Lindsay at Lincoln Center in New York, with Eyal Maoz in Bangkok, and jazz with John Stowell, also in Bangkok. T-Bone also played at Glastonbury twice, and once at Womad in Singapore. Currently, I regularly perform free improvisation gigs around Bangkok as Killjoy, and go on tour around Thailand with T-Bone.


Vick Low Bio
Vick Low is an electronic musician and sound designer, who graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts in 2015 with a BA(Hons) in Music Technology. He creates soundscapes and music through the manipulation of sound and music with contemporary techniques. His works are mainly influenced by ambient and minimalist musicians, such as Brian Eno and Ryuichi Sakamoto.

He is also a classically trained cellist, and he has been incorporating the cello in his works. Through his education in Lasalle, he learnt to process the sounds from his cello to broaden the spectrum of sounds he can create, and at the same time, equipping him with more tools to build and design his sounds.

After graduating, he started doing sound design for theatre and has worked on productions such as Navodaya, a dance theatre production by Shantha Ratii Initiatives, The Good Farmer(Performance Tour 2018) by TheatreWorks, A Dream Under the Southern Bough – The Beginning by Toy Factory Productions for SIFA 2018 and PLAYtime! The Dragon’s Dentist, an immersive theatre production for children, by Esplanade Theatre in 2019.

He is currently working closely with Little Creatures, an initiative consisting of artists who are dedicated to creating a space for children to learn through sounds and sonic objects. Their works often explore how children react and respond to the different sounds that they hear.

As a sound designer and musician, he is interested in how people and children are affected by sounds and how it enhances their theatre experience. He is also intrigued to learn about how different artists use sounds, music and technology in their art to enrich the audience experience.


Natalie Alexandra Bio
Tse Zhuoying Natalie Alexandra is a Chinese Zither – Guzheng performer, music educator, and researcher, dedicated to promote the instrumental art form of the instrument in modernity, while retaining its cultural charms.

Natalie picked up the Guzheng at the age of 10. Since then, she has gained varied performance experience both locally and internationally in events such as ‘Spotlight Singapore’ (Moscow), ‘WOMAD’, (Singapore) and ‘Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions’ (Poland) amongst others. She has worked under the guidance of local talents such as renowned singer-songwriter Dick Lee and Cultural Medallion Winner Mr Iskandar Ismail, as well as performed alongside international artistes such as David Tao and Guy Manoukian.

Natalie is currently a PhD scholar at the National Institute of Education Singapore, and hopes to research further into the creative processes through improvisation and play in early childhood music education, while promoting her spirit of exploration and experimentation through the Arts. She believes that the Arts has the ability to develop children’s awareness of the diversity of cultures in the world, thereby developing understanding, respect and empathy for others.


Tim O’ Dwyer Bio
Tim O'Dwyer is a saxophonist, improviser, composer and educator, and the current Head of the School of Contemporary Music at LASALLE College of the Arts. He obtained a PhD from Queensland University of Technology in 2013, and was awarded a fellowship with the Academy of the Arts of the World in Cologne, Germany.

Tim has been active in numerous musical groups and projects around the world, such as forming his own avante-jazz trio "Tim O’Dwyer Trio" and joining the Australian Art Orchestra in 2015. He's also spearheaded many improvisational music concerts and festivals over the years, with the most recent being the internationally renowned C.H.O.P.P.A. Experimental and Improvised Music series in Singapore.


Andy Chia Bio
Andy Chia is a ​Singapore National Arts Council scholar, who was trained classically in Chinese Flute performance in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. He was also the first foreigner to receive a Masters of Arts in Dizi performance from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Andy seeks constant experimentation to explore the boundaries of the aesthetic and spiritual experience. His performance techniques includes the use of electronic effects and extended techniques such as flute boxing on the flute, throat singing, as well as hand crafting his own instruments. Andy has gained a myriad of experiences performing and creating works internationally in Asia, Europe, and North America.


Dirk Stromberg Bio
Dirk Johan Stromberg is an American music technologist, composer, and improviser. His body of work explores the dynamic interaction between performer, technology and performance practice. Designing both hardware and software has led to the development of a variety of interfaces, synthesis techniques, installation works, electro-acoustic instruments, and interdisciplinary production works.
Dirk Stromberg has been developing a number of hardware projects, most notably his Phallophone, an electro-acoustic sensor based instrument. He is developing repertoire for the instrument with composers around the world, creating his own repertoire, while also touring and presenting his work and research as a musician and technologist.
He has released two albums with the Turkish improvisation group Islak Kopek as a performer and engineer and his music appears on a number of compilations. His 2008 album, Islak Kopek, was in the top 20 albums in Turkey for 2009. In de Knipscheer released a two-CD set of his composition, Tropendrift, in 2006, a collaboration with Dutch poet Albert Hagenaars. Mis most recent release is a multi-disciplinary work Images of Ascension in collaboration with director Clare Chong.
Dirk Stromberg is a founder of the Contemporary Music Festival in Vietnam (Duong Dai Festival – 2007-2016) and is currently on faculty at LASALLE College of the Arts. He was formerly on faculty at Istanbul Bilgi University, Saigon Technology University and was head of music at School of the Arts (SOTA), Singapore. He holds a Masters of Music from Brooklyn College and a Bachelor of Music from Texas Tech University.
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