MoCom Gardens 2020 Plot Application
Applications are due on March 15 for priority spots. On March 20, we will notify all applicants of their plot assignments. If demand exceeds our capacity, plots will be awarded by lottery. All new gardeners must attend an orientation at 9am on April 18th, or by appointment with the garden manager.
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Half plot (8' X 10') at East Bench
Full plot (8' X 20') at East Bench
Large plot (16' X 38') at Our Village
Xtra large plot (32' X 38') at Center Street
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Garden and Plot Descriptions
(1) Most plots (8' x 10' and 8' x 20' plots) are currently located at the East Bench Garden in Spanish Valley, about six miles south of downtown Moab. East Bench is suitable for all gardener skill levels, with access to compost, wood chip mulch, fruit trees, and spigots for irrigation with Ken's Lake water (water typically available late April).
(2) Five large plots (one plot = two 4' x 38' beds) are available at Our Village Community Center, off of 500 West. These plots are suitable for experienced and dedicated gardeners. This garden has flood irrigation from well water (always available). Gardeners at Our Village will contribute to plot development in 2020.
(3) Two extra large plots (one plot = four 4' x 38' beds) are available at the Center Street Garden, and are also most appropriate for experienced and dedicated gardeners. This garden has flood irrigation (available every 5 days), and limited access to supplemental culinary water. Gardeners at the Center Street Garden will contribute to plot development in 2020.
Plot Fee / Volunteer Information
Plot fee/Volunteer options are shown in the chart below. These amounts refer to what is owed for the whole year, e.g. it's just a one-time fee and volunteer hours can be spread over the entire growing season. Gardeners can choose to pay a higher fee with a lower volunteer commitment (Option 1), a smaller fee with a greater volunteer commitment (Option 3), or a compromise of both (Option 2).

Fees are collected at the beginning of the season (mid-April). Fee money helps us cover liability insurance, tools, and other garden supplies. Volunteering may involve weeding, fence or irrigation repair, and other typical garden chores. Volunteers can do work during MoCom Brunch & Workdays (on the third Saturdays of every month) or on their own schedule throughout the growing season. The MoCom Garden managers will assist volunteer with tasks as needed.
Plot Fees
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