Laser Cutter Equipment Orientation Quiz
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The laser beam used for cutting is invisible. *
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The laser cutter focuses intense energy on material. What are the risks? *
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In the diagram- what is the fastest way to stop the machine in an emergency. *
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It's okay to make adjustments to the mirrors of the laser cutter. *
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The laser uses an invisible inferred beam to cut. This beam is contained within the machine by the glass and metal housing. What happens if you open one of the panels on the machine and the beam hits your eyes? *
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While the laser radiation is safely contained within the enclosure, visible light flashes can come through the glass during cutting/engraving. These flashes are similar to a welding flash. You should wear the provided dark glasses while monitoring your job. *
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The laser cutter has a bed that travels up and down. The final mirror and lens moves left, right, forward and backward. So if you put your hand or arm in the path of these moving parts what will the machine do? *
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