Hi! Philippine Amazing Facts Center of Evangelism (PAFCOE) is one of the global AFCOEs of Amazing Facts International Ministry. PAFCOE is committed to train Seventh-day Adventists to become an effective soul winner for God.

You have been chosen to be a referral by one of our training applicants.

Kindly provide us your most honest appraisal of the applicant. This referral will help us determine if the applicant qualifies to undergo the PAFCOE Training. Be assured that the data you will provide will be kept strictly confidential. As needed, we may contact you by phone or e-mail for additional information or clarification.

Before you proceed, kindly skim through this form. Do not proceed if you think you cannot provide the required information. Otherwise, go ahead.
Full Name of PAFCOE Training Applicant (Family Name, Given Name)
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How long have you known the applicant? (In term of years) *
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What is your relationship with the applicant? *
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List all the positive characteristics that you can recall about the applicant? *
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What aspects/characteristics of the applicant do you think need improvement? *
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Does the applicant have any traumatic experience or does the applicant have any history of mental disturbance? If yes, please elaborate. *
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Does the applicant have any suicidal tendency? Was there an instance that the applicant expressed a desire to commit suicide? If yes, please elaborate. *
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What can you say about the applicant's involvement in church activities? *
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Is the applicant in any way connected or sympathizing to the Davidians, the SDARM, the Retain 9, or any groups or denomination that is condemning the Seventh-day Adventist Church? If yes, please elaborate. *
PAFCOE will not accept anyone who is attacking the church and its Bible Based beliefs.
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Personal Assessment Rating
Please mark the bullet below which best describes the applicant for each category of evaluation. 1 indicates that the applicant is mostly alike with the Negative Characteristics and 5 indicates that the applicant is mostly alike with the Positive Characteristics. 2, 3, and 4 indicates moderate association between the characters indicated. If you feel you don’t know the applicant well for a fair evaluation on any specific item, you may leave it blank.
Spirituality (Personal Connection with God)
Immature, Shaky, Stagnating
Strong, Stable, Growing
Slow, Unmotivated, Self-Satisfied
Vigorous, Creative, Learning
Rush, Impulsive, Headstrong
Sound, Careful, Teachable
Service Attitude
Indifferent, Self-centered, Needs Directing
Compassionate, Unselfish, Takes Initiative
Lazy, Incomplete, Needs Constant Supervision
Diligent, Thorough, Follows Through
Relationship to the Church
Critical, Divisive, Distant
Deeply Committed, Loyal, Supportive
Healthful Lifestyle
Uniformed, Careless, Seems Sickly
Informed, Conscientious, Seems Healthy
Shy, Introverted, Unsocial
Secure , Outgoing, Friendly
Should PAFCOE accept the applicant? *
Thank you for your time and for the information you provided!
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