Pass Transfer for DG Reopen
Please complete this form if...

* You have Unlimited pass credit of any kind that needs to be transferred to other pass offerings (drop in, private lesson, gift card credit)

* You need to adjust the expiration dates of previously purchased drop in passes.

* You wish to adjust any of your held pass credit into gift card credit to use for future purchases.
What is your name? *
If your name is different than the name on your Punchpass account, please include both.
What is a good email address for you? *
Please login to your Punchpass account. What dollar amount of credit do you currently have that needs to be transferred? *
For example, if you have 1 month of an unlimited pass left, you would have a transfer credit of $140. Please refer to pricing information on our website if you have questions about dollar conversions.
I would like my credit as... *
If you selected the combination option, please describe how you want your credit split below.
See our pricing schedule on the website as needed. 30 min private lessons are $30. 60 min private lessons are $60. A pack of five 60 minute private lessons is $250.
If transferring ANY credit into drop in class passes, do you need a start date other than Monday, August 24 (start of online classes)? If so, let us know here. *
Excluding this initial transfer, additional pass extensions/freezes will only be available as for-purchase pass adjustments as it was pre-shutdown.
Do you have passes from MindBody that need to be activated on Punchpass? *
If none of the options fully describe your situation, please select OTHER and explain.
If you have any screenshots, receipts, or pertinent information you wish to include as a downloaded file for pass transfer, please include a description here and email all files to CONTACTUS@DEFYGRAVITYCU.COM.
This is optional and likely will not apply to you. This primarily pertains to folx who may have had gift card credit gifted to them on MindBody or other purchases for which automated emails, etc. may not be generated.
Anything else you want to let us know?
If you did not receive materials from the summer run of a DG Online class, please include names/dates of classes here and links will be emailed to you.
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