Anti-Racism Training for White Sunrise Leaders


In Sunrise, we are trying to unite this country in a single great aim to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs. The Green New Deal is the greatest project that this country has ever undertaken. It tackles decades of entrenched racism, and it means we’re going toe-to-toe with the wealthiest people in this land and the systems they have built to support them. While our movement works towards addressing racism on a structural level, we believe that internally and interpersonally there is a great deal of work that white people in our movement are responsible for to address racism in our hubs and organizational structure.

This training is a piece of the movement wide work to address oppression in our movement. We believe that white leaders need to take responsibility for addressing racism in our work and hold each other with love and accountability. This training is meant to a place to generate more resources and tools for white Sunrisers to take responsibility for doing anti-racist work in our movements through ongoing work beyond the training. This is the first time Sunrise has run an Anti-Racism Training for White Leaders so we are viewing it as a sort of beta test. We hope that participants and trainers will offer a great deal of feedback so we can continue to evolve this training to what it needs to be as we train more leaders in the movement.

The curriculum of this training has been created with support from organizations and mentors that have been dedicated to anti-racist movement work for decades (such as Training for Change and Catalyst) along with input from leaders of color in our movement. Many organizations dedicated to anti-racism work have found that having space where white people can confront our racism together is a critical piece for several reasons: to take responsibility to work through our own racism without putting the burden on people of color, have the space to make mistakes and learn without hurting anyone, and to help us show up in relationships and work with people more prepared to make our movements less oppressive together.


Space to address the racist history of the environmental movement, get a deeper understanding about how anti-racism plays into our strategy, receive understanding of how racism shows up in our movement, receive tangible skills for addressing racism, and time to work through emotional barriers that cause stagnation in our anti-racist work.


This training is for white hub leaders in our movement who are deeply committed to Sunrise and to making our movement spaces anti-racist.


- Application Deadline: Nov. 11th
- Applicants will be accepted or waitlisted by email on Nov. 15th
- Applicants must claim their spot in the training by Nov. 19th


** Location: Durham, NC

** Dates: December 13th-15th

** Times: Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 9am-8pm; Sunday 9am-4pm

** Food: We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday; and snacks, coffee, and tea throughout the weekend!

** Housing: We are planning to secure group housing so as many participants as possible can stay together, but depending on costs and space availability, we may need to split people up, so we encourage everyone to reach out to friends and contacts in Durham, NC. If we do wind up splitting people up into smaller groups, and you don't have a person to stay with, we will set you up with a friendly host!

** Travel:
* Please plan to arrive in Durham no later than Thursday night so you can be ready right in time for breakfast at 9am on Friday -- and please book your travel out no earlier than 5:30pm for buses/trains and no earlier than 6:30pm for flights.
* Sunrise will reimburse travel costs to the training if you need support. (We know many of you are coming from very far away).

** Costs: As a new movement, we don't have the same amount of money as more established groups (or the fossil fuel billionaires!) but we do have a bold vision, a plan to build unprecedented people power to stop the climate crisis, and the support of our communities. We estimate that costs for this training will come out to about $135 per person, including travel, food, space, and materials. We are prepared to cover travel costs but the price of the training has a self-determined sliding scale between $40-80. If you need a financial scholarship, please let us know! Link to make your registration. If you can donate extra money, we will use it to support others to attend Sunrise trainings. donation:

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