Tales of Astya Bug Report
Thank you for taking the time to report errors, it makes the job of fixing the game all that much easier <3

Please be as detailed as possible, as this makes it much easier and faster to get your error resolved. Thank you for helping out!

To find the error log, go to "My Documents/001/Games/Tales of Astya/ERROR.txt The latest entries are at the bottom of the document. If you see text in the lower left corner starting with ERROR, the message has been written to this file. Please copy and paste as many entries as required for the error you encountered, preferably one or two.

Where did the error happen? Either provide map name or a description of the area (or a screenshot below) *
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Please describe the error (or paste error log entries, see above for where to find it) *
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Did your character get stuck? *
If you took a screenshot, please upload it to Imgur or another hosting site and include the link to the image below. This will help a lot on getting this error fixed.
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