Eco-Ranger Application form: Summer 2016
Welcome to our invitation only application form designed to source the best Eco-Rangers that the UK has to offer.
Please note: Applications for Shambala are now CLOSED.
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What would you do if you came across the campsite of 'Captain Pollution' himself? *
I'm interested to see how you would deal with a group of 'hard to reach' / 'uncooperative' / 'negative' usually young people who have made an incredible mess...
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How will you contribute to our campsite procession? *
Every day we will be processing around the campsite, interacting with campers, focusing on the messy ones, praising the good ones, picking up rubbish, entertaining and performing.. What skills can you bring to this?
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What experience do you have in public interaction, behaviour change, team work or upcycling? *
We are a highly skilled team of Ninjas. Only the best will make it through. Tell me what skills you can bring to this part of our work..
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