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Behavior Conduct Guidelines *
Club Sports teams should add a positive image to the University and any behavior that serves otherwise will be handled appropriately. Team officers and coaches are accountable for the behavior of all members and should serve as role models for appropriate behavior. Being a member of a Club Sports team is a privilege, not a right. The behavior of an individual team member can damage a team’s reputation. The team’s behavior can damage the reputation of the Club Sports Program, which affects the image of San José State University.
Behavior Conduct Guidelines (Cont.) *
It is the responsibility of each individual team member, advisor, and/or coach to understand the policies and procedures put forth in the Club Sports Manual, the Student Involvement Packet, and the SJSU Student Code of Conduct. Failure to abide by these guidelines or report any incidences to the Club Sports Administration may result in disciplinary action, with the Club Sports Administration and/or the Office of Judicial Affairs. Further information regarding such action can be found in the Club Sports Manual.
Behavioral Guidelines *
As a participating student in the Club Sports Program, I agree to abide by the following: (1) Maintain contact and communication with the Club Sports Administration; (2) Be responsible for myself and team members and act professionally at any and all Club Sports activities; (3) Demonstrate respect towards teammates, coaches, officials and University property; (4) with all club policies and University regulations as well as maintain full responsibility to abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
Communication *
The President and Treasurer from every club team is required to attend all monthly Club Sports meetings, however meetings are open to any persons involved in Club Sports. Class, personal or family obligations will be the only excused absences. It is required that the excused absentee find a replacement team member for the meeting. Use of derogatory, obscene, or insulting language is prohibited and Club Sports members will refrain from engaging in any such behavior during practices, competitions and any other team event.
Academic Integrity *
As students of San José State University, you are a student first and a club member second. School should be the first priority and club members need to abide by the Academic Integrity Policy.
Travel *
Traveling is a privilege for Club Sports teams, and is an opportunity to represent San Jose State University.
Alcohol, Drugs, and/or Illegal Substances *
Club Sports participants are required to be drug and alcohol free when involved with a Club Sports team practice, competition, event, or function. San José State University has a zero tolerance policy for underage drinking and it is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and State law. All inappropriate behaviors that occur will result in disciplinary action.
Hazing *
Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created which, regardless of location, intent, membership status, or consent of the participants that: (1) Produces, or is reasonably likely to produce bodily harm or danger, mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, fright, humiliation, intimidation, degradation, or ridicule, or otherwise compromises the dignity of an individual; (2) Compels an individual to participate in any activity which is unlawful, perverse, publicly indecent, contrary to the rules, policies, and regulations of the University, or which is known by the compelling person to be contrary to the individual’s genuine moral or religious beliefs; (3) will, unreasonably or unusually, impair an individual’s academic efforts. No Club Sports member shall engage or participate in any form of hazing. Any complaints will be investigated and if found legitimate, disciplinary action will be taken.
Terms and Condition *
I declare that all information provided is current, valid, true, and complete. If at any time any of the information provided changes it is my responsibility to update all information. Lastly, I have read and understand the information within the Club Sport Online System and the Club Sports Policy Manual.
Terms and Condition (Cont.) *
I understand that my actions may affect my ability to participate in any activities associated with the Club Sports Program and if I do not adhere to the following guidelines, disciplinary actions may occur. I have read and understand the above Conduct Guidelines, and with my signature agree to abide by its contents.
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