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Viri Systems is a futuristic indoor gardening systems startup. We're offering you access to all of our startup documents so that you can use them as a learning reference and a way to collaborate with us, potentially, in the future. Please answer all questions truthfully.
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What You Can Do with these Files
With your access to Viri's Full Access folder, you may use the files for your educational and informational purposes only. This means that you are permitted to read, copy, and share the files but your ability to edit and re-purpose them is limited. You may re-purpose documents as a template (for example, you may copy and edit interview scripts or contracts) but these activities are FORBIDDEN: (1) You may not represent yourself as any employee or owner of Viri Systems or Eazl (2) you may not contact any customers, investors, suppliers, partners or any other contacts who are referenced in any files in the Full Access folder (3) you may not use any creative works (for example, logos, .psd files, etc.) for any reason other than for your own private viewing purposes. These terms may change. Your access is at the full discretion of the Eazl team and may be revoked at any time for any reason.
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