Publicity Request
Church leaders,

As we work to improve our First Church communications, we have developed this process for submitting requests for the weekly e-news and for the First Things First section of the worship bulletin.

Our newly-formed Communications Committee is working on a vision statement that, when finalized, will guide decision making around publicity. Until then, the following criteria guide decision making about what to include and how:

• Material must be timely and related to our current ministry
• Material generally must be relevant to 50% of the audience
• Material is included with recognition that our audience includes visitors/new folks (about 15% of the worshipping community)
• Material is chosen to show a balanced array of programs

If the material is targeted at a specific audience that is fairly small and easily identifiable (i.e., 5th and 6th grade families; folks on a particular group list; etc.), it may not be included in FTF or the weekly e-news, but I will help you get the material communicated another way.

Also, last minute requests are not likely to be honored. Ideas must be submitted by Tuesday at 10 AM for consideration in the weekly e-news that week and in FTF for the upcoming Sunday. And advance notice is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mary Taylor-Johnson
Director of Communications and Membership Engagement
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