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If you know you want a Brilliantbengal kitten, this form is for you. It will initiate a near-term interview. If approved and if we have capacity, you will then place a $300 deposit and be "on" the wait list. The deposit applies toward the kitten fee. In 2019, fees averaged $1300. We guarantee to offer a kitten to those on the paid wait-list within an agreed upon period (usually six months), or refund your money. Deposits are non-refundable unless the breeder cannot produce a kitten. Not ready to commit? Exit this form and use our contact list form instead.

Please add brilliantbengal@gmail.com to your contacts so you actually see our emails ;)
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All bengals have unique personalities, however most are high-energy, inquisitive, and love to climb (some climb Christmas trees, for example). Are you prepared to welcome a bengal into the home? *
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