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Ready to commit to a Brilliantbengal kitten? This form is for you. The form will trigger an interview scheduling request, so please supply a valid email that you monitor daily.

If we mutually agree to adoption, you will then be expected to place a $300 down payment. The down payment reserves you a place "in line." The benefit to you is a guaranteed kitten. The benefit to us is efficiency and ensuring serious homes for our kittens. The sooner you join, the sooner you will be offered a kitten. The official time frame is "up to 12 months" from the time approved.

Not ready to commit? Exit this form and use our free contact list form instead.

Finally, please brilliantbengal@gmail.com to your contacts.
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All bengals have unique personalities, however most are high-energy, inquisitive, and love to climb (some climb Christmas trees, for example). Are you prepared to welcome a bengal into the home? *
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