PPP Review
Follow directions. Read. Use your reading strategies for text, video, and images. Think:
1. What is the main idea?
2. What are the details and vocabulary?
3. How does this compare with what I have already read (watched, listened to) about this topic?
4. What is the same?
5. What is different?
6. What cause/effects situations are evident?
7. What conclusions can I make?
8. What generalization can I make about the topic?
9. What new insights do I have?
10. Why is this important to my topic?
11. Is this information accurate and valid?
12. What product does this information belong on?
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What are the main ideas and details --- summarize what you learned and explain why this is important to your topic. Include correctly spelled vocabulary. *
Name the number/concept of the EALRs you practiced most with a phrase explaining your activity *
RA2.3.1 Compare: Found similarities and differences between hurricanes and tornados (hurricanes start on water)
Where did you work today? (List all) *
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