„Sexual education and development” study
This questionnaire explores the importance of sexuality in our personal lives and in our couple life. It also explores the interest shown towards this field.

Filling the questionnaire takes a few minutes and the answers are strictly confidential.

Please read carefully the questions bellow and tick / fill in the answer that best suits you.

The results will be published here: www.lianabuzea.ro
1. How important is sexual satisfaction to your relationship? *
2. How important is sexual satisfaction for the quality of life? *
To what extent do you agree with the following
3. People have access to too much pornography and too little sexual education *
4. Would you consider it OK for people to have access to sexual education services that allow them to reach a higher degree of fulfilment in their intimacy? *
5. What do you think of when it comes to sexual education? (please check all relevant options for you) *
6. You learned most things about sex from: (please check as all options relevant for you) *
7. Have you heard of the notion of „sexual development”? *
To what extent you find the following statements to be true?
8. I am preoccupied with my own sexual fulfilment *
9. I feel fulfilled from a sexual point of view *
10. I am satisfied with my sex life? *
11. My partner pays attention to my sexual needs and desires *
12. I feel very knowledgeable when it comes to sex *
13. I am embarrassed to talk to my partner about my sexual desires or needs *
14. FOR COUPLES: I am satisfied with my relationship intimacy
15. FOR SINGLES: I am satisfied with my intimate life
16. I have a good opinion about my sexual performance *
17. I have a good opinion about my body *
18. I thought of improving / developing in sexuality *
If you answered YES, how did you think to develop?
19. Read books / magazines / articles on the subject
20. Watch documentaries on the subject
21. Go to a relationship counselor / sex-therapist / sex coach
22. Go to classes / discussion / events on sexuality
23. Discuss the topic with my partner
24. Seek council / advice from a friend
25. What other alternatives would you consider?
Your answer
26. Whom do you talk to about sexual intimacy issues? *
27. If you DO NOT discuss about sexual intimacy, why not?
Your answer
28. If you were to go to a specialist in sexuality, how would you prefer to communicate? (check all options relevant for you) *
29. If you were to participate at a group event on sexuality (a personal sexual development group) how would you like it to be? *
30. What themes would you need a sex specialist approached on an online platform? *
Socio - demographic data
I am: *
Age: *
Your answer
Relationship status: *
Children: *
Most recent studies: *
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