Library Survey
The Robert J. Kleberg Public Library is conducting an online survey to assess its library services and patron experience. We invite you to take this survey and answer some questions that will help us ensure that the general public's needs are being met.

All submissions are entirely anonymous, no forms of personal information are collected, and all results obtained are strictly for statistical and reporting purposes only. Estimated time to complete this survey is 5 minutes. Thank you for participating in this survey.

1.) How often do you visit the Robert J. Kleberg Public Library?
2.) How do you travel to the library?
(check all that apply)
3.) Are there any limits that prevent you from visiting the library?
(check all that apply)
4.) What is your main reason for visiting the library?
(check all that apply)
5.) Does our library staff ask if you need assistance?
6.) When needing assistance, how would you rate your wait time before a library staff member assisted you?
7.) Was our library staff able to answer your question(s)?
8.) Does our library staff inform you of monthly and seasonal events, including special events at the time of Checkout?
9.) Does our library staff inform you of our online services, including our library website?
10.) How would you rate your overall library experience?
11.) How would you rate the overall atmosphere of the library?
12.) Which of the following 5 library services do you feel are most important to the community?
(please select only 5)
13.) What additional technology resources would you like to see the library offer?
(check all that apply)
14.) How interested would you be in the following potential library services: *
Not Interested
Somewhat Interested
Very Interested
Computer Training Classes
Assistance with Government Services or Programs
Circulation of Digital Devices
Online Continuing Education Courses
Digital Media Lab
Teen-oriented Events and Activities
15.) Bookmobile services are being planned for the near future. Which of the following services would you like to see available as part of the bookmobile?
(check all that apply)
16.) What is the best way to inform you of library news and events?
(check all that apply)
17.) Would you agree that the library provides access to resources that are essential to maintaining or improving your quality of life?
18.) Over the past few years, the library has been actively engaging with the community, area schools, and local organizations to educate families about the library and its resources. Would you agree that the library is achieving its mission of informing families?
19.) Do you feel the library effectively serves the entire community based on its current location?
20.) The current library was built in 1958, and it has reached its capacity to accommodate today's technology and an expanding materials collection. Would you support the construction of a new, state-of-the-art library if the community was asked to vote on it?
21.) Please provide any additional feedback that you may feel will help us improve library services.
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