Canadian Regional English Language Differences
The 10 and 3 ( is a data journalism site that tells stories about Canada using data and visualizations, with the goal of better understanding what it really means to be Canadian.

We're examining how people speak English differently across our country. Please help us collect data to understand more about Canada's English regional language trends. We'll be publishing the results in an upcoming article.

Thank you greatly for your help, and we hope you find this survey interesting!

For each question below, choose the word or phrase that best describes how you commonly speak.
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Question 1: The living room piece of furniture is called a ... *
Question 2: The sweetened carbonated beverage is called ... *
Question 3: The shoes you would wear to the gym or to go for a run are called ... *
Question 4: You change channels on the TV with a ... *
Question 5: At the dinner table, you use... *
Question 6: The unofficial game combining a soccer ball with baseball rules is called... *
Question 7: As a student, you... *
Question 8: The teacher assigns each student ... *
Question 9: If it's cold outside, you might wear this on your head ... *
Question 10: You can draw with ... *
Question 11: You can also draw with... *
Question 12: When nature calls, you visit the ... *
Question 13: A sweatshirt with a hood on it is called a ... *
Question 14: Each month you pay the ... *
Question 15: Your sink may be equipped with a ... *
Question 16: The arts and crafts supply is called a ... *
Question 17: The sweet treat is called a ... *
Question 18: Houses are equipped with ... *
Question 19: You call these pants ... *
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Question 20: The comfort food made from cooked macaroni pasta and cheese is called ... *
Question 21: I use the word "spendy" to mean ... *
Question 22: A store where you go to buy food is called a ... *
Question 23: The word "decal" is pronounced ... *
Question 24: The word "caramel" is pronounced like... *
Question 25: The word "sure" is pronounced like... *
Question 26: The word "pyjamas" is pronounced like ... *
Question 27: The city "Toronto" is pronounced... *
Question 28: The orange cones used on roads to redirect traffic are called... *
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Question 29: The stretchy piece of rubber used to hold items together is called ... *
Question 30: If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, you are ... *
Question 31: The word "process" is pronounced ... *
Question 32: The word I typically use to describe the season that comes after summer is ... *
Question 33: Which word are you more likely to use when referring to an evening meal? *
Question 34: How would you refer to the small neighbourhood store that is open late? *
Question 35: What would you call a summer house that you visit in the country? *
Do you have any comments, or know any other terms or pronunciations that vary in different parts of Canada? Please share below.
What province did you primarily grow up in? *
What city/town did you primarily grow up in? *
What province do you currently live in? *
What city/town do you currently live in? *
In what decade were you born (optional)?
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